The Armour for Your Innovation.™

For over a decade, Secure-Rite has been pouring our passion into building custom projects that stand the test of time. Using containers as our building blocks, we design, fabricate, and finish structures that protect you and your equipment.

Secure-Rite structures provide solutions for custom enclosures, site office buildings, washrooms, and much more.


At Secure-Rite Structures, we can turn a container into almost anything!

However, these engineering marvels are pretty amazing even before we get started. In fact, shipping containers are one of the strongest self-standing structures in the world. If you simply want a standard container, we’ve got them!

If you would like to add a basic upgrade, we do that too!

Secure-Rite offers a full array of upgrade options, including personnel doors, rollup doors, windows, vents, shelf brackets, and so much more!

We’d love to explore how

we can craft your custom container structure!

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