Permanent Storage Solutions

If you are looking for a more permanent storage solution, why not purchase one of our new or used storage containers?

It’s lock and leave storage security that will last a lifetime.

Our Containers

All of our containers are solid steel with durable hardwood floors, come wind and water tight, and are easy to secure.

If the appearance of the container is important to you, a new, one-trip unit is the way to go. If you are looking for an economical way to create instant secure storage, you should opt for one of our used units. Whatever your choice may be, we have a variety of sizes and colours in stock to fit your needs and budget.

Our New Units

Secure-Rite Mobile Storage inventory includes a full range of high quality one-trip containers.

When only a new unit will do, one-trip containers are esthetically in the best condition available and approximately 95% to 100% dent and scratch free. One-trip units are manufactured to ISO standards for Secure-Rite overseas, shipped to North America once with cargo, and free of shipping line markings.

Our Used Units

Along with our new units, we also have a large selection of used containers in stock. Our used units provide all the benefits of mobile, container-based storage at highly competitive prices.

These containers are in a minimum of guaranteed wind and watertight condition. No holes and no surprises! They are structurally sound and we go the extra step to install a new steel lockbox on the doors for added lock-and-leave security.

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