Winter is coming, and is already here in many parts of Canada! While industries like real estate have cooled for the time being, the need for affordable space continues to charge ahead and ultimately indicates that construction and development are not expected to slow down any time soon.

Winter is an inevitable part of Canadian life, and our Canadian weather represents a significant consideration when planning for development or construction, evaluating options for viable structures, and investing in a cost-effective space that will last for many seasons to come.

Here are six portable container structures that are built to last through Canadian winters:

Drying Units

Jobs that require you to work outside in the elements can leave your overalls, socks, or work boots in a chilly state. Applicable for both temporary or permanent placement, containerized drying units are modified with hooks, benches, cooling and heating, humidity control, and ventilation so that your work gear has a respite from harsh, cold winter work conditions. Your crew will start each shift with dry gear, ready for another productive day!

Job Site Offices & Trailers

Shipping container site offices and trailers are a favourite in the industrial world because they work and move with you from one job site to the next, they’re secure, and can be outfitted with a wide range of upgrades and modifications. Equipped with a window, door, insulation, electricity, heating and cooling, a fresh coat of paint, and flooring, container offices and trailers provide a safe and warm place to manage projects and protect workers and their valuables. Some clients have even transformed a container office into a health and safety room, security room, data centre, and more! No matter where your work takes you, shipping container offices can be moved and adjusted to fit the most rugged and challenging jobs, locations, and climates.

Covered Structures

Covered vehicle ports, receiving stations, or relief shelters are easy to set up, versatile, capable of accommodating a large area, and are completely relocatable. Covered structures are a functional, temporary solution that can provide relief from changing weather conditions to a large group of people with minimal construction and set-up.  Further, the shipping container side structures allow for secure storage space within a usable structure. Alternatively, covered structures can also be used as stages or seating areas during winter festivals.

Worker Accommodations

Does your team work in a remote area for long periods of time and require a warm and safe roof over their head? Look no further! The Micro-Suite is 150 sq.ft. of living space that is adaptable and flexible - creating a fluid environment where multi-functional design allows you to quickly exchange your sleeping quarters for your workstation and living area. Micro suites are meant to bend and fold to changing needs throughout the day while still remaining a consistent, solid structure for shelter.


Kiosks are versatile, easily convertible, portable, all-season containers and are designed to be moved from place-to-place. Whether you’re grabbing a hot cocoa to warm up at a local winter market, or you’re buying tickets or getting directions at a ski hill or outdoor event, kiosks are a functional option for creating an entrance or hub, and are easy to close up and secure at the end of the day.

Seasonal Storage

At their core, shipping containers are blank canvases that can be converted into as sophisticated or functional a space as you require. In their simplest form, containers are secure steel structures that are perfect for seasonal storage. Whether you operate a snow removal business and need a safe place to store parts or tools out of the elements, or you work in restoration and need a place to keep client’s belongings separated from an affected area, storage containers can be delivered on-site and left for the winter months without any contents on the inside being tampered with.

Secure-Rite believes in connecting people and portable space in creative and meaningful ways; whether you’re in need of seasonal storage and looking for a rental, or you’re in the market for a longer-term investment like a site office or bunkhouse that will move and work with you, there is a shipping container that fits your work and unique needs. Talk to us today about renting, buying, or modifying a winter-ready shipping container!