Built to withstand the elements, containerized structures lend themselves well to the harsh conditions that come with rugged jobs and work sites. As older site offices and trailers are phased out, shipping containers are increasingly being used and converted into electrical rooms, spill containment units, labs, break rooms, restrooms, and more!

From our secure steel shell, through our technology-filled walls, right into our durable, sound-dampened interiors, we design and build smart space with the worker in mind.

Whether it’s construction, mining, or another heavy industry, these containers are rugged and built to take on even the toughest of jobs:

Job Site Office Units

Did somebody say break time? Our construction grade offices provide tradespeople and mobile workers with a grab-and-go pit stop where they can enjoy a snack and a moment out of the elements to relax.

Alternatively, opting for a container office with a few more bells and whistles like data hook-ups and full insulation are also perfect for first aid attendants, project managers, or site foremen who spend their day both on-foot around the site, as well as in-office handling of logistics, budgets, and more.

Spill Containment Units

Shipping container spill containment units can be a valuable solution for managing potential spills and leaks at mining sites. These custom units provide a controlled environment to contain hazardous materials, prevent environmental contamination, and help you to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

These containers are modified to be equipped with spill containment features such as spill trays, drip pans, and secondary containment systems. In the event of a leak or spill, the containment unit helps prevent the hazardous materials from spreading and causing environmental damage.

Click here for a quick video walk-through of this spill containment unit!

Telecommunications Enclosures & Power Hubs

Whether you have tight specifications for a helicopter-lifted power hub that is being placed atop a mountain, or you need a customized power source for an RV or remote camp, shipping container enclosures can house backup generators and provide reliable power during outages or at off-grid locations. Containers can be modified with ventilation and exhaust systems to ensure safe operation, as well as specialized additions that work with the elements like Dutch doors to provide easy access to power panels during heavy snowfall.


From industrial man doors to steel rollup doors, we’re all about creating simple, yet functional space for your container. We have add-ons available to brighten up and organize the inside of your container, such as adjustable steel dividers to allow for a multi-purpose room, double-pane windows, shelving brackets, pipe racks, vents, insulation, and electrical!

Shipping container storage and structures are a cost-effective way to provide a secure and controlled environment for specialized equipment and rugged jobs in nearby or remote locations. Secure-Rite Structures is a team of design and building experts that have been customizing containers for over a decade. Our knowledgeable team can help you make your workspace or job site more functional and organized.  

Come see us at one of our five locations, or give us a call at 1.888.861.3955.  Let’s talk about creating smart space that works with you,or walk us through your vision by filling out the Structures Intake Form with your design specifications!