The concept of “work” and “the office” has changed, and you need something that will work and move with you wherever you are. Are you looking for a structure that will allow you the freedom to take your work to multiple locations and allow you to sell your product anywhere? If so, a shipping container sales office is ideal for your ever-evolving work needs.

Shipping containers, though blank building blocks to start, can offer a bold, modern design and provide several benefits beyond their looks. Shipping container structures are weather proof, secure, highly functional, and give you all the benefits of a permanent site office without the cost or commitment to one location. From the initial design concept all the way through to delivery and placement, building your dream sales office is well within reach.

What Is The Difference Between A Modular Office Vs. A Shipping Container Office?

The term “modular” is often used when referring to modified shipping container structures – however, there are some notable differences!

Traditional modular offices are often constructed from “sticks and stones”, can be noticeably larger, and come equipped with a large amount of the required insulation to meet energy requirements. Modular structures are often built with timber framing, and they are customizable to suit a variety of design needs. That being said, traditional “stick and stone” structures often require more maintenance and are not iron-clad like shipping containers are.

A shipping container office, while having lived a life of its own prior to modification, is later repurposed and retrofitted with windows, framed walls and insulation, separate work areas, kitchens, and even bathrooms. Shipping container structures can be as permanent as you need, and they also lend themselves well to temporary placement and movability.

The Top 4 Benefits Of Using A Shipping Container For Your Office Space:

  • They are easily movable
  • You can customize the design – as funky or simplistic as you need or want!
  • They are a cost-effective office solution
  • They are versatile building blocks with your imagination being the only limitation

Let’s dig in to why these four benefits make shipping containers the ideal contender for a sales office application.


You are working quickly to sell your units, which means your work space will need to work and move quickly with you. The beauty of building a sales office from shipping containers is that you can easily move your sales office from one site to the next!

Once all of your beautiful units or homes have sold out and your job site shuts down and needs to relocate, you can easily move your sales office to a new location or even store it in a secured yard until you need it again. On the other hand, if your office is intended for long-term and stationary use, it’s durable enough to withstand the elements and serve its purpose as long as you need it to with little maintenance!

Customizable Design – As Funky Or Simplistic As You Need

You’re selling beautiful, upscale homes, and you want that to resonate with any potential clients who come to you to view your units. Luckily, you can modify your sales office to embody what you’re selling – your design can be as funky or functional as you need it to be. Shipping container sales offices aren’t limited to standard designs. For example, this modern sales office (pictured) was built for Promontory in 2019, and is a great example of marrying luxury and simplicity (it was also a Top 3 Finalist for the 2020 Georgie Awards for Best Sales & Presentation Centre).

The Promontory Sales Office was built from two 40’ shipping containers, a clean aesthetic and modern finishes that boast comfort and functionality, and consists of a common presentation area, two separate work spaces, a bathroom, a patio, as well as a bright and open concept that is sure to entice any visiting prospects.

Cost-Effective Office Solutions

Shipping container offices can be cheaper to build than a traditional commercial office space. Each shipping container is made of steel, which costs significantly less to produce than aluminum or wood. Depending on whether your needs are temporary or permanent, shipping container offices that are expected to move around do not require the added cost of pouring concrete to build a foundation!

Versatile Building Blocks

Describing shipping containers as “versatile” is an understatement. Where a traditional modular structure would require major construction to make minor changes or additions, you can update your shipping container sales office and continue adding on features as you see fit! Maybe you want to add decorative timber framing, decals, or a custom paint job – whatever upgrade you are looking for, the sky is the limit…

Whether you need a sales office for a six-month job or a structure that requires a more permanent resting place, a shipping container office is the perfect solution. From a secure steel shell, through to technology-filled walls, right into a durable, sound-dampened interior, shipping container sales offices are built with both the user and prospect in mind. Secure-Rite Structures is a QAI-certified factory, which means that all of our container structures are built to recognized standards and meet Canadian Building Code.

If you’re prepping for a sales site office to sell your development, get in touch with us and we will go over all of the options available to you for your modified shipping container office!