To rent or to buy – that is the question!

Renting a shipping container instead of buying one can be a practical choice for several reasons, depending on your specific needs and circumstances. For example, if you only need storage space for a short period of time, such as during a renovation project, event, a local or long-distance move, or if an emergency occurs, renting a mobile storage unit offers a shorter commitment, giving you more flexibility to scale your storage needs up or down as required.

Let’s explore some of these examples a little further:

On-Site Renovations Storage

Whether it’s residential or commercial renovations, you have enough on your plate with keeping track of timelines, contractors, estimates, business assets, and any other plot twist that could come your way. Renting a Secure-Rite mobile storage container can give you peace of mind about protecting your assets and staying on budget during your upcoming project. When the project is done, you unpack it, and we can pick it up when you’re ready!

Construction Sites

Shipping containers are commonly used as temporary storage solutions for real estate developments and road construction projects. Mobile storage rentals provide a durable and secure place to store tools, building materials, and equipment, reducing the risk of theft and damage occurring on a job site.

Moving & Relocation

Are you preparing for a move? Whether it’s a local move or you’re relocating to a different province, renting a shipping container is a practical, temporary, and movable solution. You can take your time packing your belongings securely into the container, and when you’re ready to hit the road, we can transport the container with your belongings to your new location, reducing the stress of moving! Download our handy moving checklist to get the ball rolling or give us a call at 1.888.861.3955 and reference Code Fall23 for $20 off your mobile storage rental!

Event Storage

Event organizers and venues often use mobile storage rentals to store event equipment, such as tables, chairs, decorations, and sound equipment. They can be easily locked up at night, customized with add-ons like pipe racks or shelving brackets to fit the specific needs of various events, and they can be placed on-site for easy access!

Temporary Workstations

Real estate developers, construction companies, mining sites, and small businesses can enjoy more bang for their buck by renting a 20’ container office. Container offices are built to move where the work takes them, and they can even be bundled with a mobile storage unit through our Tough & Ready Bundle! There are two tiers to the Tough & Ready Bundle – the Basic Bundle and the Premium Bundle.

Starting at $525/month, the Basic Bundle includes the rental of 1 x 20’ construction-grade site office and 1 x 20’ mobile storage unit. Our construction-grade site offices provide tradespeople and mobile workers with a grab-and-go pit stop where they can enjoy a snack and a moment out of the elements to relax.

Alternatively, the Premium Bundle starts at $575/month, and includes the rental of 1 x 20’ project office and 1 x 20’ mobile storage unit. Opting for a container office with a few more features like data hook-ups and full insulation are perfect for project managers or site foremen who spend their day both on-foot around the job site, as well as in-office handling logistics, budgets, and more.

Renting mobile storage units is a great way to keep assets organized and protected from theft and the elements, while remaining agile enough to be relocated as your needs require. Secure-Rite is lucky enough to have some of the best drivers in the industry and can even deliver next-day service! Come see us at one of our five locations or give us a call at 1.888.861.3955 and talk to us about renting a mobile storage unit.