Customize Your Space

How big is your imagination?

We can customize containers to meet almost any storage, working, or living requirement. Tell us about your idea – if you can dream it we can build it.


Need a portable office with French doors, air conditioning, and a washroom? How about a self-contained weekend cabin in the woods that locks up tighter than a drum? Maybe a portable cocktail lounge?

We’ve made them all, and we can make yours too. We have a whole team dedicated to modifying containers that meet your every need.

Doors & Windows

From industrial man doors to steel rollup doors, we’re all about gaining easy access to your container. We have options for inside of your container too, like an adjustable steel divider or a double-pane window to help brighten things up.

Not really the Jack or Jill of all trades type? No problem. We install the upgrades here, so the container is ready to use as soon as it is delivered.

Breezy Made Easy

All of our containers come with vents that allow them to breathe, but additional ventilation may be needed to store flammable materials, or equipment such as lawn mowers and chainsaws. Our vents are great at preventing condensation from entering and keeping the bugs out, too.

Looking for more ways to increase circulation? How about an air conditioning unit? We do the handy work; you just plug it into a power source. Yup, we think it’s pretty cool!

Build With Us

Secure-Rite is our name, modifying containers is our game.

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