Create Some Extra Space

Forget about moving your furniture from room to room, or cramming it all into the garage.

Renting a container for your reno is a temporary storage solution and an ideal, convenient option for extra space.

On-Site Convenience

Home renovations are easiest to accomplish when your household items are out of the way for you and your construction crew, and by using a storage container you can keep your appliances and furniture within footsteps of your front door.

Containers also help to keep building supplies, tools, and equipment safely and securely locked up on-site while they aren’t in use.

Instant Access

When you need to protect your valuables and household items from the risk of damage during your next renovation project, mobile storage is the solution. By having storage on-site, you have the protection you require – right in your driveway.

The best part? You have access to all of your things at any time you need them.

How We Do It

Whether you just need a little bit of extra space, or need something big enough to fit your whole house in, mobile storage provides a solution that’s ready to use as soon as its delivered.

We bring the container to you, then we pick it up when your renovation is complete. You pack it and use it according to your renovation schedule. Simple, right? We think so.

See For Yourself

Let Secure-Rite create space for your next project.