We have all heard the saying “the only constant is change”, and with the everchanging nature of today’s work, you want to be sure that you invest in a reliable structure that is built to last, will protect you and your assets, as well as withstand temporary or long-term life cycles.

While shipping container offices have long been used for industrial and construction applications, they are increasingly turning heads in many industries. Entrepreneurs, project managers, health and safety officers, and operations managers alike are beginning to see the benefits of having something durable and relocatable to act as a “pop-up” for short-term jobs and moving from place to place, or even a more permanent structure that’s here to stay.

No matter where your work takes you, shipping container offices can be moved and adjusted to fit the most rugged and challenging jobs and climates. Here are five reasons to take work with you in an office container:

Versatile Enough For Any Job

Shipping containers will outlive any traditional structure that stands beside them, making them durable and versatile enough to cater to a variety of purposes and climates. Work sites or head offices can be easily expanded upon or stacked with additional units, or decreased in size and easily relocated elsewhere to meet each project’s unique needs. This versatility makes shipping container structures suitable for industries across the board whether it’s a portable office, worksite storage space, first aid station, workshop, or lunchroom that you are in the market for.

Low Maintenance, Yet Highly Secure

Traditional offices are often constructed from “sticks and stones”, and though they can be noticeably bigger, they often require a larger upfront investment.. That being said, traditional “stick and stone” structures also require more maintenance and are not iron-clad like shipping containers.

Secure-Rite’s fleet of office containers are made of Corten steel and come with security features like steel personnel doors with commercial grade hardware, protective steel grating on the windows, as well as reinforced steel lockboxes on the cargo doors to keep your files, tools, and other assets safe.

Accessories & Upgrades To Fit Any Aesthetic

While shipping containers naturally cater to an industrial aesthetic, they are not limited to basic designs or finishes. Thanks to their customizability, shipping containers can be modified to incorporate add-ons like stairs and landings, additional personnel doors or windows, or aesthetic upgrades like custom paint jobs, timber siding, decals, and more.

If your job requires a simpler design, Secure-Rite’s fleet of standard office containers are available for purchase or rent, and come fully loaded with data hookups and electrical outlets, A/C and heating, weatherstripping, and more.

Standalone Or Stackable

Thanks to their modular structure, shipping containers allow for quick adjustment and installation to fit your needs as the size of your work space ebbs and flows. Keep it simple with a ground level office, or build upwards by stacking shipping containers and installing stairs! Creating a multi-storey work site can provide a distinction of function in a work area, an enclosed and private space away from the constant interruptions on a work site, while also remaining accessible to colleagues.

Adding stories and stairs to your shipping container configuration is a smart way to minimize the footprint on the space you have to work within – it’s also a great way to create an office view!

Offices That Work And Move With You

You can easily move your office to a new location, or even store it in a secured yard until you need it again. On the other hand, if your office is intended for long-term and stationary use, it’s durable enough to withstand the elements and serve its purpose as long as you need it to with little maintenance! Depending on whether your needs are temporary or permanent, shipping container offices that are expected to move around do not require the added cost of pouring concrete to build a foundation. If your job site is in a tight or remote space – not to worry! We have inched our containers into many unique, tight spots, and we've even dropped them off at a remote location via helicopter!

Finding the right work structure doesn’t have to be difficult; shipping containers afford you the freedom of building a work space of any size or configuration you want, staying within budget, and the flexibility of putting it where you want it. No matter what kind of space you need, Secure-Rite can provide anything from a standard fleet office to a fully customized solution with any additions or upgrades you need.

Talk to us today about standard shipping container offices or a more custom solution!