In a world full of "think outside the box" sentiment, we happen to think that working inside-the-box comes with an abundance of advantages – particularly when it comes to sustainable solutions and lowering our carbon footprint on the environment.  

Canada has a total network of more than 7,500 protected areas, covering the equivalent of approximately 11.5% of the nation’s landmass — an area the size of Spain and France combined — with more added every year. Not only does our beautiful country provide a wide variety of landscape and terrain to be explored and enjoyed, but Canada also leads the world in the ability to harness domestic natural resources and applying cutting edge technology across all sectors. 

With that in mind, it's little wonder why more and more explorers, conservationists, and organizations are turning to non-traditional and versatile structures like shipping containers to meet the needs for low carbon accommodationsworkspacestorage, and more. 

If micro cabins or modular designs tickle your fancy, you'll enjoy these 5 ways to reimagine shipping containers for the ecologically savvy:


Storing Your Favourite Gear

Your summers are filled with adventure – dirt biking, ATVing, hiking and camping, climbing, and the list only keeps going. When it's time to pack those toys away for the summer and keep them protected from the elements, you want to make sure the vehicles for your passion stay safe and ready for you to enjoy them again the following summer. 

Here are some options we recommend for storing your favourite adventure equipment. 


Relief Areas For Campgrounds And Parks 

This gender-neutral, 20ft double-stall washroom is an example of proactivity in response to a widespread social issue. With both an accessible washroom building and a kiosk for the workers, there will be greater support for vulnerable people in communities both small and large, as well as the ability to provide a clean, safe, public amenity. 

Take a look at similar shipping container applications


Safe Food Storage At Campgrounds 

Campgrounds and parks connect Canadians to nature, growing their awareness and appreciation for protected lands, while still protecting them. Refrigerated food storage containers at campgrounds provide a simple and secure place to store campers' food, while decreasing the risk of wildlife encounters. 


Cabins And Roofed Accommodations

Micro accommodations – where modular simplicity meets sustainability.  Container-based dwellings can provide a roof over the heads of conservation officers and field researchers while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. They can also be used as rentable accommodation for campground visitors. 


Health & Safety In The Outdoors 

Health & Safety presents a huge component in preserving Canada's protected lands — ensuring tourists are safe, as well as operations staff. Our first aid stations and washrooms are ideal for beaches, mines, construction projects, ski-hills, tourism sites, and more. They are portable and durable, ensuring they can be moved easily to wherever you need them most. 

Whether you're after a getaway micro cabin, a safe space for Canada's rugged conversation operations, or storage for your gear, we can reimagine and repurpose these durable building blocks and protect both you, your gear, and the environment simultaneously, and outfit them to suit your unique needs. Whatever the adventure – we're here for it and would love to work with you on your idea

What idea have you reimagined inside the box