Health & Safety

Health and safety are major considerations at any worksite. That is why washrooms and first aid rooms are often the first structures we deliver to a site.

Fully Equipped

Our self-contained wash-cars come equipped with fresh water and black water tanks, pumps and plumbing, water-heaters and more to make you comfortable even without city services.

However, if you are at a site with hookups, we can provide you with a unit that will seamlessly connect with utility water, sewer, and electricity.

Covering Your Basic Needs

Secure-Rite Structures can build your facilities to include only one toilet and sink, or we can create a multi-container wash-car to service a large crew.

Our washrooms can be found at mines, construction projects, drilling sites, landfills, ski-hills, tourism sites, and more.

Work out your washroom plans with us!

Create Your Own