Rent a Storage Container

It’s simple. It’s secure. It’s smart.

We drop the container off for you to load up, then deliver it to your new home when you’re ready. Give us a call when you’re all done and we’ll come pick it up. Pretty easy, hey?

Make a Smart Move

Mobile storage has a number of advantages, like door to door service and being able to pack and unload at your own pace. We use a tilt-deck truck to place the container on top of blocks, so it never actually touches your driveway.

Having the unit low to the ground makes it easy to get in and out of, and with ground level entry, even the kids can help!

Our Process

1. We deliver the container to your home for you to load up at your own pace.
2. Once the unit is loaded, we pick it up and deliver the unit directly to your new home.
3. If your new home isn’t ready, we can store the unit in our yard until it can be delivered.
4. Once the unit is delivered to your new home, you can unload the unit at your own pace.
5. Once the unit is empty, we pick it up.

That’s it! Save time, money, and work. See, we told you it was easy.

Store with Us

Don’t have room at your place? Between moves? Waiting for your new home to be ready? Whatever the case is, you can always store your container at one of our locations!

We have short and long-term storage available, and don’t worry, you can access your belongings from dawn until dusk. When you’re ready, we will deliver the container to your new home.

Let's Get Moving

Work with Secure-Rite to make your next move a smart one.