In today's ever-evolving economy where innovation and sustainability are at the forefront of design and construction, transforming shipping containers into functional work areas has emerged as a creative and practical solution. Contrary to common misconceptions, containers pack a purpose and life that extends well beyond their roots in multimodal transportation; they are transforming the way we work and scale budgets.

While shipping container offices have long been used for industrial and construction applications, they are increasingly turning heads in many industries. Entrepreneurs, real estate developers, project managers, health and safety officers, and operations managers alike are beginning to see the benefits of having something durable and relocatable to act as a “pop-up” for short-term jobs and moving from place to place, or even a more permanent structure that stays in one place.

Container offices and presentation centres can be as simple and functional, or as sophisticated and elaborate as your work needs them to be. The Secure-Rite Structures Team can modify any office container and tailor it to your unique brand aesthetic and work setting with customizations like:

  • Custom paint jobs
  • Timber framing to create a natural-looking exterior
  • Large scale windows for a bright interior
  • Double-wide configurations
  • Electrical package and data connections
  • HVAC
  • ...and more!

Real-Life Success Stories

To demonstrate the immense potential of container offices and presentation centres, let's look at six real-life examples:

Cowichan Valley Regional District | Nanaimo, BC

The CVRD provides a broad range of services to residents of Lake Cowichan, Ladysmith, Duncan, and North Cowichan, including solid waste management, emergency services, administration, environmental services, regional parks, and more. This highly modified 40’ high cube office consists of two separate workspaces with a complete electrical package, HVAC, and a full bathroom. The unit is also equipped with a water tank on the roof, making it self-sustaining. The unit’s exterior has also been outfitted with an awning, staircase, and timber framing for a more earthy and natural aesthetic.

Promontory | Kelowna, BC

This modern sales office was built for Promontory in 2019 and is a great example of marrying luxury and simplicity (it was also a Top 3 Finalist for the 2020 Georgie Awards for Best Sales & Presentation Centre). Luckily, shipping containers aren’t limited to standard designs. You can modify your sales office to embody what you’re selling – your design can be as funky or as functional as you need it to be.

The Promontory Sales Office was built from two 40’ shipping containers, a clean aesthetic and modern finishes that boast comfort and functionality, and consists of a common presentation area, two separate workspaces, a bathroom, a patio, as well as a bright and open concept that is sure to entice any visiting prospects.

St. Paul by Innocept Developments | Kelowna, BC

In May 2020, Innocept Development completed a five-level wood frame building housing 54 condos and four split-level townhomes at the corner of Clement and St. Paul in downtown Kelowna. This 40’ pop-up sales centre was produced for the developer-turned-reality star Justin Pasutto, and designed with his wife, Jillian Harris’ inspiration.

British Pacific Properties | Cypress Village, BC

British Pacific Properties has a plan to deliver a compact sustainable mixed-use community with a variety of market and below-market homes including both multi-family and ground-oriented options, retail, public spaces and community amenities, while also protecting over 262 acres of green space in Eagleridge. The Secure-Rite Structures Team produced a sophisticated 40’x16’ open concept sales centre with floor-to-ceiling windows to capitalize on the natural light and panoramic views, a sleek charcoal paint colour for the exterior, and a glass awning.

Psst...you’ll also find The Shed nearby at Cypress Pop-Up Village. The Shed serves hot coffee, brews, and delicious handmade pizza out of a modified 40’ open-side container kitchen!

Okanagan Crush Pad Winery | Summerland, BC

When it comes to stacked container wineries, be sure to host the samples on the bottom, and take care of business up top. This industrial chic application can be seen at the Okanagan Crush Pad in Summerland, BC. The ground-level tasting area comes complete with an open concept and beautiful, sliding glass patio doors that open to a lounge area. The office space upstairs was modified to accommodate windows at both ends and a large landscape-sized window on the front, bringing in loads of natural light and vineyard views that are to-die-for.

Lafarge | Kelowna, BC

Lafarge, Canada’s largest provider of building solutions opted for the trifecta – three rooms in one stack. A mechanical room, office space, and break area have been packed into one neatly stacked structure in this unique industrial application. The addition of a stairwell and landing makes for an easy flow and pathway for accessing and communicating with colleagues, and enough room underneath for a car or buggy to drive through. The bonus with this stacked shipping container configuration is a shaded area underneath to retreat to on hot summer workdays outside!

Top Grade Tire | Kelowna, BC

Top Grade Tire is Kelowna’s destination to buy quality used tires and recycle old tires. Given that the Top Grade Tire yard is filled with stacks upon stacks of their quality tire offering, a bright white custom paint job for the exterior of this 40’ container office was a great choice for standing out amongst the tire scape.

The Future of Workspaces

As corporate and industrial workforces continue to evolve, the demand for unique, scalable, cost-effective, and flexible workspace solutions will remain on the rise. Shipping container offices and presentation centres are poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of work. Their adaptability, mobility, and eco-friendliness make them a compelling choice for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re prepping for a beautiful sales centre or a more practical worksite office, get in touch with us about our Tough & Ready Bundle (an office rental paired with storage) or talk to us about your custom design and we will go over all of the options available for your modified shipping container office!