Keep It Secure

Need more security? We offer steel lock-boxes that bolt onto the front doors leaving you with a tamper-proof housing for your lock.

We carry a number of high security locks including a pad lock and a block lock. These help to deter thieves from attempting to enter your container and keep all of your belongings safe.

Shelves and Racks

Need shelving to maximize floor space?

We carry patented shelving brackets that simply hook into the steel d-rings on the interior of the container giving you an instant shelving solution. These shelves are simple to install yourself and come in two different options. Just hook, hang, and add wood!

Other Modifications

Secure-Rite also carries pipe racks and a choice of vents in case you need more air flow or are storing flammable liquids that require additional ventilation.

Our line of handy container accessories offer you more storage options and ways to maximize the efficiency of your container without having to drill any holes which affects the resale value of the container. We also offer patented divider walls, windows, doors, and more!

Container Upgrades

Looking for something a bit more complex? Check out our container upgrades.

Get Upgraded