The life of a shipping container is one that is transient and ever-moving; while 97% of the world’s shipping containers are made in China, their journey to North America by cargo ship spans over 10,000 kilometers!

Secure-Rite has had the pleasure of working on some unforgettable custom projects and being part of countless home moves both near and far. As a result, we have collected some unique container journeys along the way.

Here are five memorable journeys we have seen our containers through:

An Award-Winning Airlift

This extensive journey is what led Secure-Rite to win the 2023 National Portable Storage Association Special Deliveries Award in Las Vegas last month!

Secure-Rite Structures was tasked with building, certifying, and delivering two 20’x8’ units that when combined, would make a 20’x16’ workshop. Weighing nearly 5,000 lbs. each, Northspan Explorations required that the units be transported using a Chinook Helicopter to a remote mining site in Yukon, Canada!

A Big Blue Lift-Off

Multinational pharmaceutical and life science company Bayer reached out to the team at Immersive Tech with the challenge of creating an immersive experience that was both high quality and representative of their brand while being easily transportable across the world.

Focusing on the Leaps by Bayer initiative, which aims at “conquering ten huge challenges facing humanity”, the Immersive Tech Team conceived and executed an all-in-one experience in the form of a customized 40’ shipping container. Divided into 4 rooms, with 3 being for gameplay, the container acted as storage too, helping transport an additional 13’ foot video wall to showcase brand content and player leaderboards. Players interacted with a blend of tactile, digital and technology-driven puzzles in their efforts to save the world in less than 20 minutes.

The Structures Team at Secure-Rite set up this customized 40' Leaps by Bayer unit with four Bison container lifting legs (hydraulic jack system) so the quest to engage future scientists can continue journeying all over North America, on different trucks, without ever needing the help of a crane.

Watch the video of the lift-off here.

Watch the video of the Leaps by Bayer Escape Room here.

Bird’s Eye-View In Peachland

Secure-Rite is lucky to have some of the best drivers in the industry with some of the rugged and mountainous truck deliveries that are sometimes required of them. Our client, You Are Here Aerial Images was kind enough to capture this drone footage of the uphill delivery that one of our drivers executed perfectly in Peachland, BC.

Watch the video here.

Enroute To Antarctica

From the Secure-Rite Kelowna yard, six 10’ shipping containers made their way to the port in Vancouver, then to Australia and Tasmania, at which time they made their final three-month voyage to the Davis Research Center in the Antarctic on the RSV Nuyina icebreaker.

Thanks to these containers, the Research Center’s valuable gear and equipment is housed safely and protected from the elements while researchers continue on with the fight against climate change!

The Long Haul For Heart

Project Canaan is a 1,000-hectare large-scale sustainability project designed to bring expertise, resources, and heart together.

Secure-Rite delivered a mobile storage unit to a staging area in the Okanagan for Heart for Africa, a group dedicated to fighting hunger and providing a safe and sustainable haven for orphans and vulnerable children. This unit made its way to Africa after a long trek, where food supplies were unloaded and put to use to continue supporting their mission.

Movable space knows no bounds, and it amazes us to see just how far that space can go! Containers were made to move and fit life, wherever it may take them. Talk to us about renting, buying, or customizing some movable space of your own today!