Between pop-ups, covered patio space, and inventory or equipment storage, open-side containers offer a broader horizon when it comes to movable warehouse space or custom structures.

Open-side (or ‘side opening’) units are commonly 20’ in length with cargo doors at one end, and bi-fold cargo doors on the long side of the shipping container to allow for the storage of larger equipment and making loading and unloading cargo much more convenient. Instead of searching through a dark container and unloading items inside to make room for access, you can quickly open the side doors and get what you need. The side-door arrangement also allows for hassle-free entry to forklifts and works well for palletized storage!

Here are six examples of how broad the horizons can truly be with open-side shipping containers:

Farms & Acreages

Our clients in the agriculture industry or those with large acreages love using our 20' open side or double door containers to house generators, large-scale farming equipment, or bulk feed and seed. These units make it easy for you to access either end or one side of the container without having to crawl over equipment, as well as allowing for ground-level drive-in access for smaller machinery like tractors. To optimize security, Secure-Rite Mobile Storage strongly recommends that you place an appropriate high security lock within the lock box provided.

Pop-Up Shops & Stands

Perhaps you're a retailer and need to store your summer products, toys, or promotional material. Sporting retailers like E-Kruise may opt for a vibrant, custom painted 20’ open-side unit to store their rental fleet of e-scooters, e-longboards, paddle boards, wake boards, bikes, and more!

You can easily keep it tucked away behind your store/building or in the parking lot, or you can just keep it stored at one of our yards in CalgaryKelownaPentictonVernon, or Vancouver


Rugged industries and job sites can use open-side containers to easily load and store tools, materials, and equipment, modify them into make-shift project management offices, industrial vending machines, or even workshops!

Food & Drink

An innovative and cost-effective way to serve up gourmet eats with a side of panoramic views is through an open-side pizza kitchen like this one. This custom 40’ open-side unit comes with an earthy vibe thanks to its wood paneling and a wood-fired pizza oven that is sure to entice indulgent diners. This beachside eatery provides that familiar, cozy atmosphere no matter the season!

Events & Tourism

Open-side units are great alternative structures that can be turned into extended lounging space or sipping booths at rural fairs or urban events. These larger open-side units lend themselves well to tourists wanting some quick grab-and-go refreshments while offering a covered space that provides a respite from the summer heat. Containerized pop-ups will keep your product offering protected from the elements, while also allowing enough extra space to move around and accommodate additional inventory!

Storage and Warehousing

Open-side shipping containers provide an excellent solution for storage and warehousing needs. Their spacious interiors and easy accessibility make them ideal for storing oversized equipment, vehicles, or bulk inventory. Open-side containers allow for easy loading and unloading of goods, as well as improving efficiency in logistics and supply chain operations.

Just like seasons, every container serves a purpose. Whether you need space to store seasonal and promotional items, keep tools or equipment secure and dry, or protect business assets, a secure mobile storage container offers you convenient temporary or permanent storage that best suits your budget.