Between signing up for a membership, getting to a fitness facility, and ensuring you get your money’s worth, the terms of your active lifestyle are highly dependent on the hours and access of a private business. If the last couple years have taught us anything, it’s that our health and wellness are a top priority. Have you found yourself looking for a way to close the gap between your health and wellness needs and the value of what you’re getting out of your membership?

Secure-Rite brings people and portable space together in creative and meaningful ways, and we strive to help people see a simpler and more innovative way of fulfilling their dreams or needs. We invite you to think inside the box about the requirements of your active lifestyle; imagine being able to control the narrative and access to your favourite physical activities. Perhaps this entails having a gym or a pool right in your own backyard and never having to drive far to get your workout in, or maybe you’ve always dreamt of opening up a mobile fitness studio for outdoor spinning or yoga. Shipping containers can make business or property ownership more accessible to the masses thanks to being easily customizable, movable, durable, compact, and cost-effective. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to get creative about a business prospect, or a homeowner wanting to add a dedicated space for physical activity on your property, these five container conversions boast the kind of healthy lifestyle you want and deserve:

Container Pools

Photo Credit: Designboom

If you are looking to introduce a breath of fresh air into your backyard, investing in a shipping container pool could be your newest addition! Container pools offer several benefits that traditional in-ground pools do not; for example, they are easy to build, place, and if you ever want to move, you can transport it to your next home! In addition to being easily movable and stylish, shipping container pools also make excellent lap pools for all of you aspiring athletes or cardio enthusiasts out there!

Containerized Home Gyms

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Are you feeling like your monthly gym membership fees outweigh your usage? If you’re thinking about investing that well-earned money into a space of your own, then a shipping container gym might be for you! Shipping containers can be easily converted into a home gym that lives in your backyard, or you can build a commercial gym and open up your own small business. Take any new or used shipping container, add some appropriate pipe racks or hooks for punching bags or barbells, freshen up the space with a custom paint job, put down some non-slip vinyl flooring, and you’ve got yourself a private, containerized exercise facility!

Shipping Container Garages

Photo Credit: Grassroots Motorsports

Whether you’re looking to securely store a collector car, motorcycle, sporting equipment, tools, or have a dedicated place to work on projects or repairs, building a garage or workshop out of shipping containers is becoming increasingly popular. On one hand, you can use a single-standing unit to accommodate your needs, or if you have a little more space to work with, you could stack a few shipping containers to create sectioned off areas that serve a particular purpose. You can make the space your own by adding basic modifications like extra ventilation, a custom paint job, adding a roll-up door, and more!

Outdoor Container Work-Out Structure

Photo Credit: Deployed Resources

Who says adults can’t have their own outdoor play structure? You may have seen older wooden work-out structures like monkey bars, parallel dip bars, and more while walking through a park or greenspace. Unfortunately, these wooden structures are not built to last; they will wear out over time due to varying weather and temperatures and will require upkeep or replacement altogether. Whether you choose to use one shipping container equipped with work-out beams that branch off at each side, or a series of them to create circuit training stations, shipping containers will outlive any structure that stands next to them. With the proper fittings, you can easily ‘plug in’ work-out beams and poles for pull-ups, rope climbs, standing rows, and more. You can leave your structure where it is during the winter months, or securely pack it all up in the container itself until next season.

ATV Or Dirt Bike Storage

Your seasons are filled with adventure – dirt biking, ATVing, and the list only keeps going. When it's time to pack those toys away and keep them protected from the elements, you want to make sure the vehicles for your passion stay safe and ready for you to enjoy them again the following season. Consider using a double-door unit for easy access, as well as accessories like shelving or pipe racks to organize tools or parts. We recommend adding a high-quality padlock to ensure your gear is safe from theft or vandalism.

At their core, shipping containers are blank canvases and building blocks for boundless possibilities. Compared to traditional building materials and structures, bringing your idea to life with a shipping container gives you the flexibility of being able to place your structure permanently or move it from place to place, the creativity of being able to fully customize your space to your own aesthetic standards and specifications, and the affordability that building traditional structures does not offer. No matter the hobby or activity of choice, Secure-Rite can work with you to design the customized structure your healthy lifestyle needs to thrive!