Between A Box And A Hard Place: A Summary Of The Global Container Shortage

May 27, 2021

Where have all the containers gone? When the Covid-19 pandemic began last year, many countries implemented national lockdowns and ceased the product...

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4 Reasons To Use A Shipping Container For Your Sales Centre

April 29, 2021

The concept of “work” and “the office” has changed, and you need something that will work and move with you wherever you are. Are you looking for a struc...

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5 Myths About Shipping Containers Debunked

March 30, 2021

With development projects continuously on the rise, people all over the spectrum are turning to alternative solutions that won’t break their budget. At a time when the dem...

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Reclaiming Your Life After A Home Emergency

February 25, 2021

As Canadians, we're no strangers to a winter deepfreeze, harsh snowfall, wavering temperatures, or freezing rain. Winter is the worst time of year for residential or commerc...

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The Micro Suite

February 3, 2021


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These 8 Red Flags Will Help You Avoid Container Scams

January 22, 2021

Given the increasing number of container scams making their way across Canada, we hope to arm consumers with some of the red flags to be aware of while researching containers on...

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NEWS RELEASE: Container Scam Hits Calgary

January 13, 2021

NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Jan. 13, 2021 Shipping Container Scammer Targets Local Yard ...

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2020: A Year From Inside The Box

December 29, 2020

While this year might have disrupted a sense of normalcy, there is also a lot of light to be drawn and gratitude to be reflected upon. One thing we can glean from the trial...

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