It's that time of year again – you can't believe stores are already advertising for Christmas, and it's time to trade in paddleboards and bikes for snowboards and skis, and summer tires for winter tires.  

Before you head into fall festivities and the chaos of holiday planning and celebrations, you'll want to make sure that you tie up your loose ends from the summer and organize yourself for the winter season. That means getting stuff that you won't need until next summer out of your way and into storage – out of sight, out of mind. 

Here are four ways you can keep your off-season life and business organized: 

Clean Up Your Acreage Before Winter

You've had a busy harvest season, but it is just about time to 'pack it in' until spring. Now is the time to get your tools, machinery, feed and seed out of the elements and into a secure hiding place for the winter.  

Our clients in the agriculture industry or those with large acreages love using our 20' open side or double door containers. These units make it easy for you to access either end or one side of the container without having to crawl over boxes or equipment, as well as allowing for drive-in access for smaller machinery like tractors. To optimize security, Secure-Rite Mobile Storage strongly recommends that you place an appropriate high security lock within the lock box provided. 

Pack Away Summer Valuables

Reserve the space in your garage for your car over the winter, and pack up your road bikes, dirt bikes, four-wheelers, fishing gear, paddleboards, and more into a weatherproof container. Our 10' units are ideal for dirt bikes or motorbikes, whereas a 20' unit would better accommodate the size of a compact summer car or larger sporting equipment like kayaks.  

Creating smart space is simple; we have both short and long-term storage available, and don’t worry, you can request access to your belongings while they are here. We can bring the container to you, you load up at your own pace, and then we’ll come pick it up and bring it back to our yard for storage. If you have the room on your property, you can also have the container there over the winter months. When spring has sprung, you can unload your summer toys and transfer your winter stuff into the container. 

Keep Seasonal Inventory Tucked Away and Organized

Maybe you're a restaurant owner and patio season has ended, so you need a place for the extra tables, chairs, and décor until next year. Similarly, maybe you're a retailer and need to retire your summer products and promotional material in exchange for winter-appropriate items. Our 20' unit is our most popular size and it is ideal for inventory storage. You can easily keep it tucked away behind your store/building or in the parking lot, or you can just keep it stored at one of our yards in CalgaryKelownaPentictonVernon, or Vancouver

A Safe Place For Your Summer Car or Tires

Instead of paying a fee to a dealership to store just your summer tires for the season, why not pack them into a 6', 8', or 10' container, and still have some space leftover to get some other belongings out of the way? By using accessories like shelf brackets and tire racks, you can maximize your floor space for other items while your tires are up and out of the way. 

Just like seasons, every container serves a purpose. Whether you need space to store seasonal and promotional items, keep tools or equipment secure and dry, or protect business records and files, a secure mobile storage container offers you convenient temporary or permanent storage that best suits your budget. 

The seasons may change, but one thing will always remain the same: your Life Fits Here.™.