In the age of upcycling, people are getting creative with ways to keep things out of the trash and put them to good use.  Upcycling transforms useless or unwanted materials into products that can offer value. Builders have gotten creative with waste products by using everything from newspaper wood, glass bottle bricks and recycled plastic to construct habitable spaces. Even landfills have incorporated free stores and trading posts so items in good condition can be reused or repurposed by someone new.

Local company Secure-Rite Structures is doing their part by building with life-size Lego - a commonly used term for shipping containers. Their builds are not only keeping these containers out of landfills, but they are housing some very interesting projects for a large range of clientele. 

This year Secure-Rite worked with Kelowna-based mining exploration company Northspan, to build an off-grid electrical workshop. This unit was pre-fabricated out of two 20ft sea cans to include HVAC, a fully functioning workshop, washroom and more. It was then shipped by truck to the Yukon and heli-lifted to a remote mountaintop to be put to work. This workshop was built to withstand extreme weather conditions and heavy snow loads, which is why constructing them from shipping containers was an easy decision for Northspan.

More recently, Vernon-based company, Immersive Tech, approached Secure-Rite Structures to build a themed underwater submarine escape room from a 40ft shipping container. This escape room was built for Bayer Medical to recruit and prequalify the brightest students at top Universities across the United States and then Europe. Its first stop? Harvard University in Boston. 

Secure-Rite strives to solve unique problems with innovative practices which is why their products are globally sought after. In the past ten years they have shipped custom projects to the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Jamaica and the Cook Islands to name a few.

They also recently built a waste water treatment plant for the Bermuda International Airport. This structure consisted of four 40ft high cube shipping containers that were equipped with custom openings, insulation, processing equipment and electrical. Their product was chosen for the quick turnaround time of the build as well as the ability to withstand fierce tropical storms. 

Secure-Rite Structures builds custom projects to meet the needs of each individual client. Very rarely, are two projects ever the same. Shipping containers provide the perfect shell for each product as they are transportable, relocatable, extremely durable and sustainable, making them the ideal choice for industries that need strong products to perform in harsh conditions.

Secure-Rite specializes in mobile storage, building solutions and custom design, utilizing one of the most durable structures in the world – shipping containers. We provide Western Canada with weatherproof and watertight sea cans for residential, industrial and commercial use. Whatever the need, Secure-Rite can provide simple, secure and smart solutions.