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Home Moving Container Rentals

Mobile Shipping Containers…residential-move

Looking for an easier and cheaper way to pull off a home move? Secure-Rite has the answer. We will drop off a container at your home and leave it with you to load at your own pace. When you are ready give us a call and we will deliver it to your new home or return it to one of our storage yards. After we deliver the container to your new you may unpack at your leisure and we will come and pick up the bin when empty. Now, isn’t that a lot easier?

…it’s a smart move.

Rental Pricing

A home move is usually a daunting prospect for anyone. Using mobile storage containers provides a number of advantages over traditional moving companies, renting a moving van, or using traditional self storage between moves.

20ft Unit

Benefits of a Container Move

  • Pack and load at your own pace, not all in one day
  • Door to door service
  • Load once, unload once
  • Saves money, time, and work!

Need More Time? Store at Our Place

Secure-Rite can provide storage at one of our secure storage yards if you need to:

  • Store between moves or until your new home is ready
  • De-clutter your home in readiness for real estate listing
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional self-storage

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  • We bring the storage to your door
  • Home contents remain on site
  • 24hr access to your items


  • Lock up on site
  • Weatherproof, pest proof, ventilated
  • All steel construction, with lock box


  • Delivery and pick up on your schedule
  • Protect furniture from damage
  • Create uncluttered workspace

Word on the Street

“Efficient, knowledgeable, polite, and positive business attitude. A real pleasure to do business with!”

Doug F. Kelowna BC

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