A Secure Night's Sleep

Where do your people go to rest at the end of a hard day’s work?

Secure-Rite has helped answer this question on a worldwide scale with units overseas and throughout North America! We provide refreshing and comfortable living quarters, delivered to your site within the durable shell of a shipping container!

QAI Certified

Secure-Rite Structures is certified to CSA A277 by QAI Laboratories; all of our container structures are built to recognized standards and meet Canadian Building Code. We stand toe-to-toe with the select few companies in Canada that share this endorsement.

We can create a home for you in the harshest of environments, the furthest of destinations, or the most unique of worksite considerations.

Work Camps

Let us house your crew or upgrade your camp with all the rooms, beds, and amenities you desire.

A custom-built container structure is available for the purpose you have in mind!

Let Us Upgrade Your Accomodations!

Create Your Own