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Media Resources

Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Media Resources

We provide these resources for free general media use. Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like to speak to a representative of the company, or if you require materials not listed here.

File                                                            Dimensions      Format      File Size
20′ New Unit 800×600 JPEG 68kb
3 Smaller Units 366×270 JPEG 86kb
8′ Unit in Sports Field 1632×1224 JPEG 963kb
Unit in Back Alley 366×270 JPEG 78kb
Unit by Residential Construction 366×270 JPEG 100kb
Unit by Side of House 366×270 JPEG 85kb
Unit Diagram 696×449 JPEG 217kb
NSPA Logo 600×600 JPEG 56kb
Secure-Rite Black and White Logo 1138×486 JPEG 91kb
Secure-Rite RGB Logo 1138×490 JPEG 118kb
Secure-Rite Testimonials  N/A PDF 115kb
Secure-Rite Excellence Award N/A PNG 91kb
Secure-Rite Vector Logo N/A EPS 611kb
Secure-Rite Auto-Pay Form  N/A PDF 120kb
Secure-Rite Directions – North  N/A PDF 227kb
Secure-Rite Directions – South  N/A PDF 227kb

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  • We bring the storage to your door
  • Home contents remain on site
  • 24hr access to your items


  • Lock up on site
  • Weatherproof, pest proof, ventilated
  • All steel construction, with lock box


  • Delivery and pick up on your schedule
  • Protect furniture from damage
  • Create uncluttered workspace

Word on the Street

“Efficient, knowledgeable, polite, and positive business attitude. A real pleasure to do business with!”

Doug F. Kelowna BC

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