With tax season right around the corner, it is very important to be on the look-out for scam e-mails, phone calls, and fake social media accounts like this one.

There is a fake Secure-Rite Instagram account (@shipping_containers2.0) that is using a very similar name, as well as using all of our photos and captions. This is NOT a Secure-Rite Mobile Storage account, nor is it affiliated with us in any way. The @secure_rite is the ONLY Secure-Rite account on Instagram. The fake account has been reported, and we urge the public to do the same should you stumble upon any fake accounts.

Remember, Secure-Rite Mobile Storage staff will always answer the phone and invite you to our yards to handpick your own unit, where many of these scammers will not.

In addition, the @Secure-Rite Twitter account has been hacked by someone located in Lithuania; they have since changed the e-mail address on file and the password, and they appear to have changed the handle to @RiteSecure right before the account was locked down. We have opened an investigation and have a case open with Twitter Support, and we are working to revoke access.

We urge the public to stay diligent; here are some red flags to be on the look-out for regarding container-related scams: