Shipping containers are highly praised for their strength, durability, movability, weather- and rodent-proofing, and for their physical security. Secure-Rite takes the extra step to ensure that our sales and rental containers come equipped with a reinforced steel lock box attached to the outside of the unit. This steel lock box conceals and protects your lock from being easily accessible or tampered with.

While storage yards are secured with gates and access codes, perimeter fencing, surveillance systems and patrols, a shipping container is only as secure as its weakest part – without a proper lock and placement, there is nothing stopping a thief from entering your container and walking away with your life’s belongings or valuable equipment.

Whether you are renting a mobile storage unit at one of our yards, or you are storing it elsewhere and on location with you, using an appropriate padlock and affixing it to the right locking mechanism on the container is paramount to keeping your stuff secure.

To ensure the safety and security of your mobile storage unit, you will want to avoid three common (and potentially costly) mistakes:


So, you have sought out a shipping container because they are durable and offer greater security, so why not invest in a heavy-duty padlock that is as tough and indestructible as the container itself? Without a lock, your container is left vulnerable and at the whim of a thief to break into your container when not monitored. The padlock should be made of heavy-duty steel, difficult to breach, and weather-resistant since you do not want the lock to deteriorate with variable weather conditions. If you choose not to secure your unit with a heavy-duty padlock, the security benefits that won you over in the first place become a moot point.


Attaching a lock to the wrong place on a shipping container sacrifices the safety of your valuables and can result in theft. In the image above, not only is the wrong lock being used, but the lock is vulnerable and easily accessible to a thief with bolt cutters.  A reinforced steel lock box conceals a padlock, protects it from the elements, and makes it very difficult for anyone to tamper with it.

When you rent or buy a shipping container at Secure-Rite, industrial grade padlocks are available for purchase at an extra cost.


If you are using mobile storage to hold the contents of a home or work equipment that are possibly worth several thousands of dollars, it doesn’t make sense to use a cheap lock to secure them. Cheap and lightweight locks are much easier to destroy; they do not last as long under normal usage and exposure to the elements, and they cannot withstand much tampering or abuse before failing.

Accompanied by the added security of the reinforced steel lock box, an appropriate heavy-duty padlock should be shorter in length with a thick ‘neck’ or shackle (they should not hang below the bottom of the steel lock box), is rust and cut-resistant, and has a pick and drill-resistant keyway.



Pro-Series® Padlocks are designed for commercial or industrial applications.

  • Security Level: Medium
  • Brass body provides corrosion resistance
  • Hardened boron alloy shackle for superior cut resistance
  • Dual ball locking mechanism resists pulling and prying
  • High security, 5-pin cylinder with spool pins is virtually impossible to pick
  • Comes with three keys


Strong ABUS padlocks are made from hardened steel for high-security requirements and to secure your most valuable items.

  • Security Level: Maximum
  • Body made of solid brass with a steel jacket
  • Shackle made of hardened steel with NANO PROTECT™ coating for corrosion resistance
  • Precision pin tumbler
  • Comes with two keys

Think of the right padlock as the cheapest insurance you could ever buy. Shipping container security is essential in protecting your valuables from the elements and keeping them out of the hands of thieves. Secure-Rite Mobile Storage encourages every customer to secure their unit with an approved, heavy-duty padlock, which are available for purchase at all of our locations. Let’s keep your investment secure – talk to us about properly securing your mobile storage unit.