Multinational pharmaceutical and life science company Bayer reached out to the team at Immersive Tech with the challenge of creating an immersive experience that was both high quality and representative of their brand while being easily transportable across the world. 

Focusing on the Leaps by Bayer initiative, which aims at “conquering ten huge challenges facing humanity”, the Immersive Tech Team conceived and executed an all-in-one experience in the form of a customized 40’ shipping container. Divided into 4 rooms, with 3 being for gameplay, the container acted as storage too, helping transport an additional 13’ foot video wall to showcase brand content and player leaderboards. Players interacted with a blend of tactile, digital and technology-driven puzzles in their efforts to save the world in less than 20 minutes.

The Structures Team at Secure-Rite set up this customized 40' Leaps By Bayer unit with four Bison container lifting legs (hydraulic jack system) so the quest to engage future scientists can continue journeying all over North America, on different trucks, without ever needing the help of a crane!