It’s no secret that renting or buying mobile storage comes packed with a plethora of benefits. At the core, shipping containers are designed with flexibility in mind and are meant to be moved around from place to place. At Secure-Rite, we have a fleet of delivery trucks, a team of highly skilled and trained drivers to get storage units in just the right spot across Western Canada, and all we need is a minimum of 1-2 days’ notice for the delivery or pickup of your container. Our drivers can deliver your unit on one of our tilt-deck trucks, ensuring your unit is delivered safely, quickly, and with no added stress to you! 

We have compiled eleven common questions that we get from clients about general transport, deliveries, and best practices for packing your container to prevent your belongings from shifting in transit. 

General Transport

Question 1: “How is a shipping container delivered and can I move them myself?” 

Answer: When it comes to rentals, we require a Secure-Rite tilt deck truck to move it. 

For clients who are buying a container, they can pick their container up and move it anytime. In this case, we recommend inquiring about your local city bylaws prior to picking up and placing it yourself. We are also available to move customer-owned containers after the point of sale!  

Question 2: “What trucks do you use to deliver shipping containers?” 

Answer: Secure-Rite uses tandem axle tilt deck trucks for 6/8/10/20-foot containers. Our trucks are approximately 36 feet in length. The driver tilts the truck's bed at a certain angle that allows the container to ease off the deck. We also use a truck and specialized trailer to deliver 40-foot containers.  

Question 3: “Can my loaded 40ft unit be transported?” 

Answer: Believe it or not, loaded 40ft units can weigh upwards of 30,000lbs.! At this time, we do not move loaded 40ft units.  

If a customer-owned loaded 40ft container needs to be hauled, it would need to be craned onto a highway carrier trailer and then craned back off at the destination. 

Question 4: “Will the container damage my driveway or property?” 

Answer: Driveway damage during delivery is very rare and highly unlikely. We make every effort to minimize the risk of any damage while delivering or picking up your unit. In order to protect your driveway, our driver will place wood blocks under the corners of the unit while offloading takes place. 

Question 5: “Is it okay to place my storage unit on the street?” 

Answer: Our policy is to locate the unit on private property whenever possible. Occasionally, due to access restrictions for our delivery vehicle or at the request of a client, we will locate the unit on a city street or lane. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain a permit from the applicable city or municipality. Any cost involved in obtaining a permit is the renter’s responsibility. 


When you’re ready to have your mobile storage unit delivered, please contact us directly to set up a time that works best for you. We’ll ask you about where you want your container to be placed, what door direction you prefer, whether or not the area is paved, if there are overhead wires, and any other pertinent information.  

Our Customer Service Representatives will walk you through the steps of what to expect in the delivery process. If you are unsure if we can deliver the container to your desired area, we are happy to stop by and do a site visit to come up with a plan, or Google the address and look at the satellite view to determine if we have enough room to deliver safely. 

Question 6: “How much space is required for delivery?” 

Answer: For a 20ft unit: you will need approximately 60 feet of straight clearance.  

For a 40ft unit: you will need approximately 120 feet of straight clearance.  

In both cases, the width requirement is approximately 10 feet, and up to 15 feet of overhead clearance is necessary. Please ensure there are no overhead wires or branches that may obstruct during delivery. 

Question 7: “Is there any site preparation required prior to delivery?” 

Answer: Please make sure the surface is fairly level and firm. We can deliver on: 

  • Cement 

  • Pavement 

  • Asphalt 

  • Gravel, Dirt or Grass (as long as it is not too soft) 

Delivery Day 

Question 8: “Do I need to be present at the time of delivery?” 

Answer: You’re welcome to be present for the delivery if there are any placement concerns, obstacles, or special instructions that need to be communicated to the driver on the day of delivery. Otherwise, you do not have to be present. 

Question 9: “Will I get a heads-up as to when my unit will arrive?” 

Answer: Upon request, the driver dispatched for your delivery will give you a call within a few hours leading up to the delivery to let you know that your unit is on the way. 

Moving The Container From One Place To The Next 

Question 10: “Does Secure-Rite pack the containers?” 

Answer: Secure-Rite does not pack the containers; it is the responsibility of the client to pack their items into their unit. We do, however, have some best practices that we would like you to follow if your loaded storage unit will need to be relocated. Read our post on how best to pack your container to prevent items from shifting during transit. 

Question 11: “Is there anything inside the container to keep my belongings from shifting during transit?” 

Answer: There are tie-down hooks on both sides, top and bottom, on the inside of the container to secure your belongings during transit. The client is responsible to provide any straps and tie downs required. 

Secure-Rite Mobile Storage has successfully delivered over 60,000 shipping containers to more than 15,000 clients in Western Canada, and we would love to deliver smart space to you too. If you have any questions about renting or buying mobile storage and having it delivered to your site or property, our Customer Service team would be more than happy to hear from you!