Building with shipping containers brings many benefits. Containers offer a tonne of functionality in addition to looking and acting cool (and based on our overuse of dad jokes, this is more than we can say about ourselves)! 

We understand that you may only want to build with a ‘seacan’ to show it off on Instagram. However, after reading further, you may find that there is more than one reason to consider building with a container!

  1. Off-site Construction– Let’s face it, nobody wants to be THAT neighbour. Our shipping containers can be prefabricated in our modification shop and delivered to your doorstep. No noise, no mess, and most importantly - no dirty looks from your neighbours. 
  2. Secure– With a lock box, containers are extremely secure. Have you ever tried to break into one? We don’t recommend it!
  3. Upkeep– There is none. Okay maybe a coat of paint every 10-15 years but that’s basically it. Oh, and you still need to clean and tidy inside – we haven’t figured out how to get around household chores yet! 
  4. Mobile– Sick of looking at the same view from your container office window? Give us a call and we’ll move it anywhere you want. 
  5. Fire Resistant– If you’re an arsonist this might be the perfect pad for you! Seriously though, these babies are much more fire resistant than your average log cabin.
  6. Sustainable – Steel is the world’s most recycled material. Once created, it can be recycled an infinite amount of times.  Building with steel containers is just one more way to recycle and repurpose! 
  7. Stackable– If space is an issue, containers are often the solution. Containers can safely be stacked up to 17 high!
  8. Cost Effective– In some cases, such as building on uneven land, containers can be more cost effective than building with traditional materials. The simple foundation requirements of a container building often yield significant savings as well!
  9. Durable– By nature, containers are extremely durable. They are built to withstand movement, weather and water.  For buildings, this is good news!
  10. Cool– Ok we know, you know. But seriously, containers are just cool.

Containers offer unique building and storage solutions that conventional materials cannot. Their uses are extremely diverse which is why we love using them to solve unique problems! If you’re considering building or storing anything at all, give us a call to see if a container is the best fit for your project!