What can you use shipping containers for? Anything! Well, almost anything. These versatile boxes could become your next urban tiny home, business, office, swimming pool, or your best friend when you need to move!

Shipping containers were built for efficient transport with a few key things in mind - security, durability and mobility.  Since they were invented in 1954, containers have dominated the shipping industry and now make their way to all corners of the world, delivering everything from TVs to toothbrushes. There are now more than 55 million “seacans” worldwide, with only 17 million still making active trips.

What happens to containers once they no longer meet shipping standards?  Well, after a long life of travel, these containers look for suitable retirement options and, as you can imagine, landfills are not a very inviting option! Luckily for them, there are amazing entrepreneurs and visionaries who have come up with endless ways to give these old dogs a great retirement and a new lease on life. Here are a few ways shipping containers are now living their best lives:

  • Housing Sarah and her miniature poodle on an acreage overlooking Okanagan Lake

  • Protecting Bob’s motorcycles from the elements while he’s relaxing in Cancun

  • Providing storage space for the Smiths while they renovate their family home

  • Letting farmer Dan grow produce year-round to feed his urban community

  • Simplifying Shannon’s small business by providing her with extra inventory space

  • Securing Sam’s tools on the construction site

  • Acting as an art studio for Anna 

  • Transporting Tim’s seasonal business down south for the winter

  • Serving as the local watering hole for beach bums in Cabo 

Today, shipping containers are used for so much more than transportation. Creatives are upcycling these once rather square (pun intended) objects into everything from ultra-modern homes to heavy-duty workshops and sustainable urban farms. They are one of the most durable structures in the world and can provide building and storage solutions for almost any problem.  Oh, did we forget to mention that a repurposed container is also very environmentally friendly?

If you are considering building or storing, why not consider using a shipping container that is looking for a new purpose in life? Head to our Instagram page for inspiration or call us to discuss your container dreams with our in-house designers and modification team.