It goes without saying, everyone is ready to retire the words “pivot” and “unprecedented” from the social lexicon. We are starting to see a bright light at the end of a multi-faceted tunnel with businesses slowly starting to reopen and carry on their new normal in a post-pandemic world of business recovery and evolved social interaction.

Businesses have scrambled, fought, and innovated to implement strategies and tactics that might not have been traditionally used in the absence of a pandemic. Our economy has shifted gears by introducing e-commerce and flexible fulfillment options (for example, Secure-Rite Mobile Storage has implemented online booking to provide at-home ease and limited physical interaction), virtual events and meetings which could lower the cost of overhead for future event planning, virtual restaurant experiences which create an at-home and exclusive menu-offering that is not available in-person, and many other innovative product and service offerings. The way businesses have behaved, treated their employees, and serviced the community during this pandemic is said to set the tone for continuity and success for the next decade (Gair Maxwell, International Keynote Speaker & Author).

At a time where praising local business leaders and frontline workers has been top-of-mind, Secure-Rite has been named the Title Sponsor for the Kelowna Now Best of Kelowna 2020! Our community can now nominate and vote for their most cherished local businesses – everything from their favourite car wash to favourite pizza joint. We encourage everyone to nominate your favourite businesses and then support them with your current and future spending!

In the spirit of praise and innovation, we would like to recognize a handful of our inspiring clients, who have risen during this time of pressing challenge and inside the box thinking.

Paynter’s Fruit Market

Thank-you to Paynter’s Fruit Market for providing locals with locally harvested fruits and vegetables by  introducing an online store and offering store pick-up.

Mission Hill Estate Winery

Thank-you Mission Hill Estate Winery for continuing to bring the Okanagan flavor to our doorsteps by introducing shop-from-home delivery options.

Tricor Industries

Thank-you to Tricor Industries for continuing to keep your workers safe with added precautions put in place by Health and Government officials, and thank-you for all of the structural and residential work that you do to hold up this community.

The Hatch Winery

Thank-you to The Hatch Wines for keeping everyone stocked up on great local wine for lake season by offering free shipping on orders of 6 bottles or more.

Truck ’59 Ciderhouse

Thank-you to Truck ’59 Ciderhouse for adjusting to a bump in the road by offering curbside pick-up, free local delivery, and discount codes for your delicious ciders!

Okanagan Restoration

Thank-you to Okanagan Restoration for all that you do to keep people safe and help them recover from catastrophic events, and particularly during a pandemic leading into flood season, for continuing to offer disinfecting and for adjusting to guidelines put in place by Health and Government authorities.

Okanagan Crush Pad

Thank-you to the Okanagan Crush Pad for adding a “stay safe” shipping credit on orders of 12 bottles or more, in addition to your online store!

In light of reviving and reopening of our local economy, we would like to invite you to include some of these local leaders in your Best of Kelowna 2020 nominations. Now is the time to support and uplift our local restaurants, retailers, service providers, not-for-profits and more!

Please cast your votes before June 5th. Happy voting Kelowna!