Dear Clients, Suppliers, and Valued Contacts,

We hope that you and your loved ones are well.  As we face a time of unprecedented change to our everyday routines and plans, adjusting to social isolation on a mass scale, and many unknowns, most of us find ourselves trying to maintain our health, finances, and business continuity. Businesses are looking at projections for the year with a more critical eye than ever, and quickly working to find solutions to remain socially responsible without bringing industry to an absolute halt.  

Secure-Rite is taking precautionary measures and adhering to all government and health official recommendations, but we are thankful to say that our services are deemed an essential part of the supply chain.  Many businesses have ordered inventory for the year and are now wondering what they’re going to do with the excess due to shutdowns – we’re here to help. Students who have come from all over have had their school year cut short and are gearing up to get home to their loves ones and coordinate their move back for the summer – we’re here to help. With wildfire and flood season approaching and more people in quarantine or working from home – we’re ready to help restoration companies with the clean-up efforts. 

We have invested heavily in technology over the past few years in all areas of our business.  Now, our VOIP phone system, online conference technology, digital dispatch, and online booking platform have enabled us to continue to help individuals and businesses, while abiding by COVID-19 social distancing protocols. We also have a very stringent quarantine procedure for all of our mobile storage containers.  Every container that arrives at a client site is safe to start loading immediately. 

In addition to using our technology to help flatten the curve, some of the preventative measures we’re taking to protect the health of our team and those we work with, include:

  • The majority of our office staff are now working remotely from home, ready to serve our customers
  • All containers are placed in 72-hour quarantine prior to cleaning, and another 72-hour quarantine prior to delivery.
  • Delivery drivers wear gloves at all times when handling storage container deliveries and pick-up
  • Delivery drivers disinfect the handles on all storage containers prior to delivery and upon pick-up
  • On-site office staff disinfect all surfaces multiple times per day and are situated at least 10 feet apart
  • COVID-19 Health and Safety signage is placed in key common areas and in bathrooms
  • Hand sanitizing stations are placed around the workplace, with sanitization protocols in place
  • All employees who feel unwell are encouraged to stay at home and follow medical advice
  • Many other internal measures are in place to protect our team and stop the spread of COVID-19

These are unpredictable times, but we’re here to help. Please take care of yourselves and others during this time and stay safe.

Wishing you health and wellness,


Lucas Griffin, President
Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc.