The Okanagan Valley is rich with resources, and home to a thriving industrial landscape due to our moderate climate and options for large-scale transportation. From our vibrant agricultural industry to power and utilities, construction, manufacturing, forestry, cannabis, and everything in between, space is at a premium.

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Often, Western Canada’s growing need for semi-permanent, durable and deliverable structures is matched with one of the strongest, self-standing structures in the world – shipping containers.

More and more companies are choosing shipping containers as the building blocks for their day-to-day operations. With an iron-clad, innovative design to withstand even the harshest of conditions, shipping containers are often the best option to guarantee protection for your workers and equipment against the elements, while remaining agile and easy to move when any given job is complete.

Shipping containers offer a variety of unique benefits to ensure that your tools and worksite stay protected, weatherproofed, organized, safe and secure.


Durability and Deliverability

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Whether you are looking for a permanent landfill scale house, two-storey gatehouses, or a construction worksite that requires flexibility for relocation – Secure-Rite Structures provide you with the peace of mind that your site will work for you, regardless of the scope or lifetime of your project.

With a wide array of upgrade options such as personnel doors, rollup doors, windows, vents, shelf brackets, and custom modifications, Secure-Rite enclosures stand the test of time and guarantee the armour for your innovation.

Shipping containers are often used to build custom E-houses, mechanical control rooms, storage enclosures, tool cribs, washrooms, first aid stations or electrical rooms, site offices and chemical storage units for the most rugged working conditions.

These customized, versatile units are built with secure steel shells and reinforced with technology-filled, sound-dampened interiors. Once your work is done, Secure-Rite will come to pick it up or move it directly to your next project site.

If you are facing a worksite challenge and need a tried and trusted solution, Secure-Rite can help with a full spectrum of durable and mobile container structures.


Health and Safety Contained Within Your Worksite

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Health and safety are major considerations at any worksite, and Secure-Rite takes great pride in keeping client worksites safe – everyone from a project manager, labourer, or even a passerby.

That is why washrooms and first aid rooms are often the first structures delivered to a site. Self-contained wash-cars come equipped with fresh water and black water tanks, pumps and plumbing, water heaters and more to make you comfortable even without city services.


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Secure-Rite Structures can build your facilities to include only one toilet and sink, or we can create a multi-container wash-car to service a large crew. Our washrooms can be found at mines, construction projects, drilling sites, landfills, ski-hills, tourism sites, and more. We also create sidewalk containers so that pedestrians can safely pass your construction zone.

It’s hardly a surprise that cities, regional districts, and companies of all sizes have come to Secure-Rite for durable, relocatable, semi-permanent structures to help them get even the toughest job done.


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Secure-Rite specializes in mobile storage, building solutions and custom design, utilizing one of the most durable structures in the world – shipping containers. We provide Western Canada with weatherproof and watertight sea cans for residential, industrial and commercial use. Whatever the need, Secure-Rite can provide simple, secure and smart solutions.