There are many reasons why you may need to clear your belongings from a room or multiple rooms of your home temporarily.

Home renovations, re-flooring, staging for a sale, or home additions are easiest to accomplish when the furniture is safely and securely out of the way of your construction crew.

Rather than move your furniture from room to room, or cram it all into one area of the house or garage, renting a Secure-Rite Container as a temporary storage solution is an ideal and convenient option.

Secure-Rite will bring the container to you and pick it up when your renovation is complete. You pack it and use it according to your renovation schedule and you have access to all of your things at any time you need them.

These items will not only be out of the way, but they will also be kept free from construction dust or damage.

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Simple, right? We think so.

Depending on how long your items will be in temporary storage, you may need to do some preparation work to them before you store them.

Get Organized

Before you clear a room for renovations, it is always a good idea to take the opportunity to get rid of any clutter or things you simply don’t use or don’t need anymore.

Organize your stuff into one of four categories:

1) Keep

2) Recycle

3) Trash

4) Give-away.

The “Keep” items are those that will go into the storage container. The other three groups of things will be sent away to their new “home.”

Before a renovation begins, many families will do a garage sale to try and make some extra money before they send the “Give-away” items to a charitable organization.

Whatever you decide to do with things you don’t need or use anymore, it’s a much better plan to deal with them before you begin, so you aren’t storing items that you don’t need.

Prep Your Furniture and Appliances

Make sure to vacuum, wipe, and clean your furniture before you pack it away.

If you put your furniture into the storage unit clean and fresh, you’ll be much happier when you unpack it into your newly renovated space.

Appliances are often not considered until the last minute, because they are often used right up until the time you need to store them. However, if you need to put appliances in the container, they need to be made container-ready.

They should be clean, dry, empty, and unplugged. Have them prepped at least 24 hours before you place them in the storage container.

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Optimize Space and Access

If you will be storing contents from many of the rooms in your home, space might be a consideration. If so, you want to optimize the space in your storage unit. Think of your things in one of three classifications.

Firstly, the things you will not need access to should be put in first, at the back of the container. This will likely be your furniture pieces and possibly appliances if those are being stored. On top of these items, stack the boxes that contain the things you will not need.

Secondly, if there are things you know you will need frequent access to, put those items in boxes right inside the container door. Label them on the side of the box and the top, with detail about what is inside. A quick visual will help you find things quickly.

Finally, draw a diagram for yourself of where everything that you put in the container is stored. Again, this will help should you need to get at something during your renovation. It will also aid greatly in the unpacking process, once your home is move-in ready.

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Enjoy the Convenience

The convenience of a mobile storage container on your property during a renovation is one you’ll find greatly beneficial.

Secure-Rite would love to answer any questions you may have about storage containers, the booking process, and the benefits of using Secure-Rite Mobile Storage for your upcoming renovation.