Given the increasing number of container scams making their way across Canada, we hope to arm consumers with some of the red flags to be aware of while researching containers online:

  • Fake companies usually have many typos and poor grammar on their website
  • The company in question does not offer delivery, and indicates over the phone that you are not allowed to visit their “Depot”.
  • Prices are far below industry.
  • These companies rarely answer your call, but will call you back once they have verified you as a potential customer (versus law enforcement, for example).
  • Scammers may ask you to send pictures of the unit you wish to purchase, or indicate that the photos listed on their site are "just samples".
  • If the containers listed on their website do not have shipping lines or numbers on the containers.
  • When you receive a quote from them, the e-mail address is obscure and not related to their business name.
  • When you call/receive a call from the numbers listed on their website, they will render as different locations on your call log.

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