Shipping Container Scammer Targets Local Yard

Calgary, AB: This morning, Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Calgary was the target of a container scammer going by the business name of Class Sea Cans. Secure-Rite staff received a forwarded quote from the illegitimate company, which included pricing that seemed too good to be true, and listed Secure-Rite Calgary’s yard address as the physical location.

Class Sea Cans, who fraudulently claims to be using Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Calgary as its depot, lists several containers on their website with no shipping marks or numbers, no real availability, and prices that are significantly below industry standard.

“We are in no way affiliated with Class Sea Cans, they have no relationship with us whatsoever, and we’re not taking this lightly” said Lucas Griffin, President of Secure-Rite Mobile Storage. Griffin reassures, “Any quotes or e-mails you receive from us will always be from Secure-Rite e-mail addresses and we always invite clients to our yard to handpick their own units. When you rent or buy with us, you deal directly with us all the way through. We do not sell through third parties or other vendors”.

This scam is one of many to have emerged in the shipping container industry over recent months and continues to target businesses and customers across Canada. Earlier this month, CBC released stories about 12 people who say they've lost a total of almost $70,000 after paying for shipping containers they never received.

“We have opened a case with the Calgary Police, we will be issuing our media statement to outlets in Calgary, Kelowna, and Vancouver today, and it will also be made available on our website and on our social media platforms. We have also equipped our staff with the information and procedures they need to field inquiries or other reports of this scam. We are also taking immediate legal action against Class Sea Cans to have our address removed from their website”, confirms Griffin.

Citizens are urged to contact their local police directly should they fall victim to this or any fraud.

About Secure-Rite Mobile Storage:
Secure-Rite Mobile Storage specializes in mobile storage and modular structures utilizing one of the most durable materials in the world – shipping containers. Secure-Rite Mobile Storage has made 50,000 deliveries of secure and relocatable space to over 15,000 customers in Western Canada and around the world, and has maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for 10+ years. Secure-Rite Mobile Storage was the recipient of the Midsize Business of the Year and Social Leadership Awards at the 2020 Kelowna Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

Stacey Vincent
Marketing Coordinator