A new season is nearly upon us – temperatures are on the rise, outdoor events and markets are soon making their annual return, and spring cleaning is in order. Whether you’re planning on making a new start with a renovation project or move, or you’re kicking off spring and summer with some big projects, shipping containers are the perfect structure for any temporary or seasonal purpose.

Here are seven containers that can help you or your business get spring-ready:

On-Site Renovations Storage

Home renovations, re-flooring, staging a home for a sale, additions, or even commercial renovations are easiest to accomplish when furniture and belongings are stored safely and securely out of the way of your construction crew. Rather than move furniture from room to room, or cram it all into one area, rent a Secure-Rite container for your next project! We can deliver it on-site for you to pack up and conveniently access, or we can bring it back to our yard so it is out of sight and out of mind until your project is complete!

Temporary Storage For Home Moves

Secure-Rite Mobile Storage is a trusted provider of secure, temporary, relocatable mobile storage among realtors and homeowners who are in between homes. We'll drop it off so you can pack at your own pace, and when you're ready, we'll take it to your new home. With our one-month minimum, renting mobile storage allows you the time and space you need in between without breaking the bank. We have short and long-term storage available, and don’t worry, you can request 24-hour access to your belongings while they are here. When you’re ready, we will deliver the container to your new home.

Vendor Kiosks For Outdoor Events

With the warmer weather coming, events and festivals will soon be underway, where retailers, artists, performers, or food and beverage vendors will require temporary pop-up structures to serve the broader public. Popular kiosk units, for example, are modified to accommodate hinged drop-down doors that can easily open up for shoppers during the day, and fold back down and lock up at night.

Containerized structures are a cost-effective long-term investment that can be outfitted to fit any purpose; whether you’re looking for a covered stage, branded activation, lounge seating area, retail booth, tiny gallery, or sipping station, shipping containers of all sizes fit the bill.

Site Offices & Trailers For Construction

With basic modifications like insulation, an electrical package, or additional ventilation, clients can choose from our prefabricated fleet of office containers or customize one to the unique needs of their job site, equipment storage, and worker safety. Several modifications are available for workshops, such as personnel doors, rollup doors, windows, brackets, custom ventilation, spill floors, structural reinforcement, and electrical and HVAC.

Sales & Presentation Centres

Pop-up offices and sales centres are an ideal fit for a sales job that is constantly moving and ever-evolving. From our secure steel shell, through our technology-filled walls, right into our durable, sound-dampened interiors, we have spent over a decade customizing and building every office with the client’s brand and purpose in mind. Whether you’re in the market for a design that is simple and functional, or sophisticated and chic, our sales centres are designed with a clean aesthetic, modern finishes, and are sure to wow the next client that comes through your door. Many of our retail or sales office containers are modified with separate rooms so that workers can have their own quiet space. You might even want to consider building yours with electric roll shutters for extra security!

Acreage Storage

Clients with large acreages love using our 20' open side or double door containers. These units make it easy for you to access either end or one side of the container without having to crawl over boxes or equipment, as well as allowing for drive-in access for smaller machinery like tractors. Whether you need space to store feed and seed, keep tools or equipment secure and dry, or to protect records and files, a secure mobile storage container offers convenient temporary or permanent storage that best suits your budget.

Secure-Rite has one of the largest inventories of mobile storage units in the city and will meet or beat any official quote! In addition to providing you with the best price and service, new clients can enjoy free local delivery if booked before March 31st, 2023! Simply give us a call and reference Code FREE23 to one of our Customer Service Representatives for your free local delivery.