Built to withstand the elements, containerized structures lend themselves well to the harsh conditions that come with operations in the natural resources sector. As older site offices and trailers are phased out, shipping containers are increasingly being used and converted into electrical rooms, spill containment units, labs, break rooms, restrooms, and more!

Here are seven modified container applications we expect to see more of from clients in in the mining and oil industries:

Mobile Laboratories

Photo Credit: Craftsmen Industries

Modified container structures are great solutions for mining laboratories, sample preparation laboratories, pilot plants, and testing laboratories. Containerized labs are self-contained, enabling users to work in a protected and controlled environment. Our Structures Team would be happy to talk you through the array of configurations and upgrades available to customize the system to your unique needs.

Remote Worker Camps

Whether your operation consists of a small or large camp, we can modify containers into single or double-wide modules of living space. Similarly, our Micro Suite product line merges comfort and productivity, while its multi-functional design allows researchers or workers to quickly exchange their sleeping quarters for their workstation and living area. Our accommodations units can be designed and built to bend and fold to the user and operational needs throughout the day. We have also customized a variety of wash cars and gear drying units!

Containerized Work Sheds

Given that sea cans are extremely weather-resistant, they are ideal structural solutions for remote outdoor workshops. Secure-Rite work sheds are movable, can be used for either temporary or permanent life cycles, and come packed with electricity, doors, windows, racks, and workbenches so you can jump right in and get to work.

Wash Facilities

Health and safety are major considerations at any worksite. That is why washrooms and first aid rooms are often the first structures Secure-Rite delivers to a site. Our self-contained wash-cars and facilities come equipped with fresh water and black water tanks, pumps and plumbing, water-heaters and more to make you comfortable even without city services. Even if you are at a site with hookups, we can provide you with a unit that will seamlessly connect with utilities including water, sewer, and electricity.

Hangars & Vehicle Shelters

Photo Credit: Shipping Container Covers

Arched container covers are metal roofing systems mounted on standard shipping containers that can be easily modified, disassembled, or moved. Clients with particular height requirements can stack two or three containers on either side to allow for more clearance below to shelter helicopters, trucks, and other essential vehicles or machinery.

Data Centres and E-Houses

Given the challenges and complexities of underground operations, telecommunications are essential to meet the demands of mining and oil rigging operations. Data centres and electrical houses (or E-Houses) are customized enclosures that integrate flexible electrical, control, and safety components for even the most rugged work settings. These modified units are ideal for jobs that require durable housing for server racks, satellite communications equipment, handheld or wearable devices, sensors, video surveillance, and more!

Remote Site Storage

While workers come and go in between work seasons, job sites are left vulnerable to theft while operations have died down. Instead of relying on fabric or wooden structures, which are easily ransacked by bears or motivated thieves, consider storing your quads, tools, and other valuable assets in a steel shipping container. Shipping containers are wind- and water-tight, rodent-proof, durable enough to protect your valuables in the face of varying and extreme weather conditions, and are easily deliverable to even the most rugged or remote locations.

Thanks to the innate durability and mobility of shipping containers, clients have the flexibility to operate, relocate, or deconstruct a site when the job is complete. Whether you’re phasing out older, worn-down structures, or you have a security concern with your current site and configuration, there is a Secure-Rite container solution that can fill that gap, however temporary or permanent you need it to be. Talk to our Structures team today about designing a container structure for your next field operation!